This documentation contains examples for the IDAES platform.

About IDAES#

The Institute for Design of Advanced Energy Systems (IDAES) [Miller et al., 2018] was originated to bring the most advanced modeling and optimization capabilities to the challenges of transforming and decarbonizing the world’s energy systems to make them environmentally sustainable while maintaining high reliability and low cost. For more information please see the IDAES website and the online IDAES documentation.

About this documentation#

The examples in this documentation show how to create, configure, and solve IDAES models for a variety of application. Some of the examples are written in a tutorial style with separate “exercise” and “solution” sections to facilitate use in a group setting.

All of the examples are written in Python as Jupyter notebooks. You can browse these notebooks online or download them to and run on your own machine. The online examples have been created with the JupyterBook software package.


Examples in this documentation are rigorously tested to ensure that they work with the latest version of the IDAES software. For more information on installing IDAES on your platform, please refer to the IDAES documentation.

Getting the source code#

The full source code for these examples is available from the IDAES examples repository on GitHub. It may also be installed as a Python package from PyPI with the command:

pip install idaes-examples

Please see the file in the repository for more information.

Getting help#

If you find the content of the examples hard to understand, or perhaps incorrect, please reach out to us. Our primary public forum is the idaes-pse discussions page, where you can post questions and also see if others have had a similar problem. You may also contact us directly by sending email to



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